I am so glad that when I got hurt in an accident and had to go to court that John Bratt was there to represent me. He took his time to explain everything, and before the trial he told me all of the questions I would be asked- and he was right! John had gone over every single question the defense attorney asked. His preparation and experience showed, and I was very happy with the verdict. I would recommend John Bratt to represent anyone who was injured in a car crash.

Tonya T., Prince George’s County

I have been in the practice of law for 33 years. I have worked with hundreds of attorneys and co-counseled with many. I have never met or seen an attorney who has worked harder or prepared a case as well as John Bratt. He is by far the most intelligent attorney I have ever met, and the most persistent. Although I have been around the courthouse and courtroom for many years, I have learned much from John, and I would recommend him to any client.

Alonzo D. Black, Esq.; Sheriff of Prince George’s County Maryland, 1999-2002.

For anyone that will have to endure a serious injury due to someone else's negligence, John Bratt is your guy. All lawyers are sharks; they feed off of the money you are awarded to compensate for your injuries. What you need is a creative shark that will obtain the largest sum possible for you, and do everything possible to help you keep as much of it as you can. My case was limited to a policy limit but I know for a fact John exhausted all options, including asking medical providers and health insurers to reduce their bills to get me more money. Having a shark as your lawyer is necessary, so at least have a shark who’s honest, blunt, direct, and insightful, who knows the law and who skips the games. Simple things matter. Choose John Bratt as your shark.

Mustafa I., Howard County, Maryland.

When I first talked to John Bratt and described my case he said it was “right in my wheelhouse” and, as it turned out, he was correct! John did a first class job in representing me in my injury case. He was very professional and thorough in keeping me informed about the status of my case as it progressed through various stages. John always returned my emails and phone calls and answered all my questions. Most importantly, he obtained a fair, timely settlement without us having to go to court. I highly recommend John Bratt to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.

Alan H., Montgomery County, Maryland.

I have known John Bratt for over a decade. During this time, I have sought his advice on issues involving complex questions of law and fact, especially in the area of personal injury litigation. His experience and expertise in this area of law serves his clients well.

Robert D. Cole, Jr., Esq., Baltimore City